World´s first "Drawer MiniBar" from Dometic

World´s first "Drawer MiniBar" from Dometic

German company Dometic, leader in the field of innovations, continues to launch production of new products and create new design concepts that will ensure advanced positions for any hotel compared with its competitors.

A unique model of “Drawer MiniBar” based on silent absorbing freezing and patented system of temperature control Fuzzy Logic combines unparalleled design and maximal functionality. Adjustable shelves to demonstrate a wide range of products, light-emitting-diode internal lighting controlled by infrared sensor, a system of CUC refrigeration unit sensor control and a certified minimal electric energy consumption (0.38 kW\h) will again make Dometic an invincible leader in sales.

Soon after presentation of the new mini-bar model Dometic DM50 at the hotel exhibition in Dubai, this model was first installed in Russia by two first-class Hyatt network hotels – Hyatt Golden Horn and Hyatt Burny which will soon open their doors to their first guests in Vladivostok.

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