The icebreaker "Kapitan Khlebnikov"

"Kapitan Khlebnikov" - an icebreaker, built to operate in ice conditions at temperatures up to -50 °c.

With advantages over conventional icebreaker is certain and obvious: it can walk on the ice in the extreme conditions of the Arctic and Antarctic and reach those places which can’t be reached by ordinary vessels.

"Kapitan Khlebnikov" has been specially converted for the tourist cruises on the Northern Sea Route and comfortable accommodation of passengers with the total number of 55 ship cabins.

The vessel can carry 110 travelers. The ship has two restaurants, a bar, front desk with coffee point, tea and cookies, a lecture hall, a library, a souvenir shop, heated swimming pool, sauna, gym.

Our company MIKO Group has equipped the Icebreaker Kapitan Khlebnikov with OS&E items, room accessories and kitchen utensils, spare parts.

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