Muhldorfer: 72% guests pick a hotel for its beds

Family-owned company Mühldorfer's Elisabeth Hintermann said that 72% of hotel guests pick a hotel based on its beds, on the eve of the Executive Housekeeper Forum.

Hintermann revealed that due to increased hotel competition, all properties are dedicating themselves to develop its own style to attract guests.

She added: "However good sleep is generally always in demand; guests just want to have a good night’s rest during their hotel stay. 72% of all hotel guests say [that] a comfortable bed is the most decisive factor when selecting a hotel.

"The bed is an essential part, no matter which segment and category of the hotel. Every visitor needs a bed to sleep, and only with good sleep are hotels able to achieve best performance."

Mühldorfer has been producing quality bedding in Haidmühle in the Bavarian Forest national park for almost 100 years. It supplies discerning customers around the world with the finest quality feather pillows and duvets.

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